Neighborhood Strings - music video, performed May 25, 2018 at Notre Dame


Ariana Falk, Program Director - cello

Peter Sulski, Faculty - violin

Jean-Pierre Cruz, Isabella Galindo - violins

James Alers, Justin Wang, Colette McAndrew, Callie Ostrowksi - violin mentors

Peter Korfuzi, Yann Somasse - violas

Melanie Aguilar, Tabatha Criollo, Raushawn Tribuce - cellos

Elizabeth Jones - cello mentor

Show us your Notre Dame

Art Exhibit: Visual Art, Music & Video

Ken Leighton - Church - video, June 2016

Tomo Sakai - Worcester's heart

glass sand, stop-motion animation, May 2018

Mauro DePasquale Jr. - Save Notre Dame - video, May 2018 

Around Again - Sean Carroll and Jeff Sampson
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