How You May Help

Here's how you may help to Save Notre Dame!


Make a donation. Click here - or, on the GoFundMe banner in the upper-right corner - to donate to our GoFundMe campaign.

Send letters or e-mails, and/or make phone calls. Contact City Councilors, the City Manager, and Hanover Insurance. You don't have to write or say a lot. Just let them know you support the effort to delay the demolition of Notre Dame. 


Share ideas. What would you like to see happen with Notre Dame? The sky's the limit - whether practical or moonshot. What could this space hold that would get you down to the Worcester Common? Visit our Contact Us page, and let us know.   


Spread the word. Use e-mail and social media, including our Facebook page. Talk with people when you're shopping, playing or working.


Volunteer (we all are). Again, contact us and let us know you'd like to help. We'll get back to you, and talk with you about what works best for you.


Say a prayer or two. It can't hurt.

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